So I am working alongside a Waterfall type software project, in an environment where (fr)agile projects have been seen in the wild, and someone is mentioned as being the “Alliteration Manager”.  Or at least, thats what I think they said.  I mean, on an Agile project (even a (fr)agile project) I would probably have heard it as “An Iteration Manager“*.  Context is everything, after all.  And you just don’t have Iteration Managers with Waterfall, right?

So it got me thinking as to what an “Alliteration Manager” would actually do.  Googling wasn’t enlightening (although it may be by now!).  So I thought I should present to you my shot at a definition:

Alliteration Manager [uh-lit-uh-rey-shuhn man-i-jer]

Software specialist scheduling spuriously spawned software “stories”.  Somewhat senseless (subjectively) seeing such specious systems started so.  Simply self-sprinkled sobriquet, sans substance.  Wasted with waterfall.